Nigel Sharland lives in the town of Bournemouth, located in the southern coast of England. He has been highly successful in his career in accountancy which has spanned more than three decades. Thus, he is a person enriched with professional experience.


He initially started out working in small to medium sized firms gaining experience through successful dealings with clients. After her was confident in his skills, he decided to open his own accountancy firm which has been highly successful as well, with offices in more than one place, including those in London and Bournemouth itself.


All this success was of course not achieved in a single day. Like all success stories worth listening to, Nigel Sharland built his success day by day, working hard with dedication and focus like he attained the position he is in today. Nigel Sharland has experience in a variety of focus areas in the accountancy world. You can contact him for advice on any matter.


For years, he has been helping clients overcome problems, his love for his business and his desire to help others helping him overcome any challenges thrown his way. He is dedicated to being of great service to his clients and believs in expanding his business even more to meet customer needs.


His Beliefs


He always believes in himself to overcome any sort of challenges no matter what they are. It’s taking one small step at a time and not being daunted by huge problems that is one of the ways he succeeds. No problem will appear too big if you break them up into small chunks and take them one at a time.


Then, it just appears to be many small problems, but when you solve them all, the bigger problem gets solved as well. This is an important mantra for success and he believes in this, and the results are evident from his career successes.



He is always looking to diversify the services that he and his accountancy firm provides as this will help reach more and more customers with similar problems. He doesn’t only look for customers in a particular sector, because people even from different sectors may face the same problems and may need help. Moreover, many people often look to expand from one sector to another, and require professional advice in such cases.


Solving Your Accountancy Needs


These are the common fields in accountancy in which you can ask Nigel Sharland for help:

  • Tax planning:

Maybe you are frustrated and anxious in maintaining your tax records, unable to properly understand how the tax laws or tax deductions work. You can take Nigel’s help in order to understand the ins and outs of such proceedings so that you will never face any problems again. Your tax calculations and understanding will improve greatly.

  • Payroll:

If you head a company or are the lead of any organizations, you will have struggled with maintaining payrolls—the list which keeps records of how much each employee should be paid. There are many things that you need to understand during keeping payrolls, terms that you need to remember.


Even if you think that you know each and every thing well, you may find that you might be missing something during actually maintaining the payroll. Hence, it is always advisable to take the help of a professional or a professional firm in order to sort out these matters and prevent mistakes from happening. Nigel has experience in these matters as well, and he will well guide you to the correct path so that payrolls are no longer a nightmare for you.

  • Company formations advice:

Should you go for a limited company status? Are you confused. Nigel Sharland is well experienced in advising you on the benefits of a limited company including how you will incur lesser operating costs, lesser legal liabilities and more protection of your personal assets.

You should never jump into making big decisions all by yourself. A professional’s advice is what you need in these cases. This is quite a common problem for many businessmen and Nigel will be glad to help you out in these matters. Whether you’re planning to start a restaurant, pub or retail outlet, you’ll get it all covered.

  • Registering for VAT

If you are in a business with income exceeding the minimum VAT threshold, you know that you must register for VAT.

Once, you are registered, you generally need to fill out a VAT return every few months. There are many terms and conditions you should be aware of; many methods you should know while filling out these VAT return forms. All this may feel very complex and unintelligible.


Nigel Sharland has been helping customers with similar problems for a very long time and had great experience in simplifying these matters or giving easy solutions to such problems.

No matter what the issues are in accounting and financing, Nigel Sharland will have likely dealt with them all. His services are praised and recommended by those who have availed his services, and he has many returning customers while his client base continues to grow. He is a great person with work with as he has core understanding of the way things work. He understands that accounting issue can be very personal, and he strives his best to help them out as soon as possible.


Get the Best Help You Can Today



It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. While Nigel Sharland loves what he does, he has other passions too, other things he balances out very well with his work life. He takes care to ensure that his personal and professional life gets equal attention so that every aspect of his life is equally satisfying. His business isn’t the only thing that tops his favourite list. His love for football is right up there with his love for his business.


As it turns out, Nigel Sharland is a huge football fan. And like all football fans, he too has a favourite. It’s not a big guess as to which club he supports. Living in Bournemouth, he is naturally a fan of the Bournemouth Football Club, known as AFC Bournemouth.

The AFC Bournemouth club has a fascinating history, one that Nigel will doubtless be proud of, being a huge supporter of the club.


A Little Bit About the club


AFC Bournemouth is quite an old club, tracing its roots back to 1890, originally as Boscombe St. John’s Institute Football Club. That club disbanded and the remains of that club came together to form the present day club. In their early days, the club enjoyed many successes among the local clubs and the district clubs and soon emerged as the top club in town. After all the local success garnered, this club then joined the Hampshire League, hence gaining even more fame in the process. They were even granted their own field to practice on, near King’s Park.


The club was originally nicknamed as the “Cherries”, due to the red striped shirts of their players and for the cherry orchards next to their playing grounds. It was around this time, that their first professional player was signed. The club’s progress was halted during war, but it endured through the tough times.


It was in the 1956-1957 season of the FA cup that the club came to headlines, and while they suffered a controversial defeat against Manchester United, they won the heart of millions.

In recent times, they are a professional association football club and even play in the Premier League, which is considered as the top tier of the English Football League.


Their promotion to the top tier of the English premier league came about in 2015 after they clinched the Championship title. While the club has not yet won a trophy at the English Premier League, there are certainly high hopes for them.


The club has struggled and endured to become one of the best clubs of the country and their efforts have played off, and are definitely something to draw inspiration from. It is a club having a huge fan base and Nigel Sharland is proud to be one of them. He has doubtless cheered for them multiple times and does not miss any of their matches. He is a loyal fan, sticking by his team through their wins and their losses, through their high times and their rough patches.


Nigel Sharland’s passion comes forth in any world he is involved in, be it his work or his recreations. He is cheering for his team, whole-heartedly into the game when it is the time for cheering, but when it is his work time, he whole-heartedly dedicates himself to the problem at hand and making life easier for the customer.


Nigel Sharland continues to live his life full of dedication and enjoyment. From bringing a smile to client’s faces, to having a smile on his own face when his team wins, Nigel Sharland is an all-round man.