We are an independent mortgage broker based in Southampton and cover the surrounding areas helping you to find the best Southampton mortgage advice.  By using our mortgage broker Southampton website we can help you to choose from the different types of mortgages available from a range of UK lenders.  We will help you to find the best deal available to suit you.  That’s why we are your mortgage broker of choice for Southampton.

Your Mortgage Advisor in Southampton


Searching for the best Southampton mortgage deal isn’t just searching for the lowest fixed rate or variable rate available on the market. With our knowledge of the market place through our daily dealings with UK lenders, our team of independent mortgage advisors in Southampton know the lenders that are willing to help you and what information they need.  This means that as a broker we make are sure that your mortgage application is dealt with in a timely manner with minimal stress to you the customer.


Areas we cover:


Why Use as Your Southampton Mortgage Broker

  • We are independent
  • We are trusted and reputable
  • We have years of experience
  • We know the market inside and out
  • We have access to the best mortgage deals

Independent Mortgage Advisor Southampton

As the customer you are protected as we have a duty of care and are able to justify why the mortgage deal we recommend is right for you. If you go straight to the lender and you choose a mortgage for yourself un-advised, and if it turns out to be unsuitable for you it was your decision. If you use us as your mortgage advisor in Southampton and our advice is incorrect you can complain and may be compensated for being mis-advised.

Mortgage Brokers in Southampton


You might wonder, aren’t all mortgage advisors independent?  Well actually no.  There are three different types of mortgage advisors.

  • Tied Mortgage advisor this is where they can only advice on one lender normally you will find this type of adviser in a high street bank.
  • Multi tied Mortgage advisor meaning they have a panel of lenders that they can offer advice on you will normally find these mortgage advisers in estate agents or working as part of a Mortgage brokerage in Southampton.
  • Independent Mortgage adviser this is where the adviser has access to the whole of the market and can offer advice on any mortgage lender in the UK.
As a mortgage broker Southampton, who do we work for?

An independent mortgage advisor in Southampton works for you as their customer not for the lender so they have your best interest at heart giving you piece of mind that they will be searching the market for you as their customer.

As Mortgage Brokers What Can We Help You With?

What types of mortgages can an independent mortgage advisor in Southampton help you with?

  • First time buyer
  • Re mortgaging for a better deal
  • Moving up the property ladder
  • Buy to let
  • Debt consolidation
  • Shortening your mortgage term
  • Take advantage of government schemes
  • Part buy part rent
  • Right to buy

These are just a few of the options a mortgage adviser in Southampton could help you with and there are many different ways that your mortgage needs can be met. With so many different Mortgage types available using a professional mortgage advisor in Southampton could help you make the most of your money ensuring you get the best deal available to you.

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