A new site specifically for contractors.  Since the financial recession the way large companies have employed specialist staff has really changed with, Bournemouth many now opting to employ contractors for specific projects. These projects can range from 3 months to years on end.

At our centralBournemouth, we have seen a huge rise in contractors looking for mortgages. It is believed that it is more complex for a contractor to obtain a mortgage but we can assure you this is not true. With employment trends changing so have mortgage lenders criteria and they are making it more and more straight forward for contractors to obtain the mortgage they need.

Our team of experts have spent recent years increasing their knowledge about this employment type and we now believe that we are at a level where we can help contractors on a serious level, because of this we have set up a dedicated site packed full of information and resources to help you understand the differences of getting a mortgage as a contractor.

If you are employed in this way why not take a look and if you need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us for your contractor mortgage needs.